A Teen Advisory Council

Hi – I’m Loki Steiger, and despite being a slightly silly teenage girl, spending 12 of my 14 years in a perhaps more than slightly odd city in Pacific Northwest Washington,. Having no idea what I’m going to end up doing with my life, I knew exactly what I want to do with my life: write, hopefully well. That’s a large part of what I’m doing here: practicing, getting to know the refining part of the trade. On the flip side, I do have a certain… forte, if you will, in the literary world that I hope to make useful. That would be characters. I’m one of those people who tends to frequently write and read things that are character-driven, rather than plot-driven, because frankly, I think characters are the aspects of the story that really make the plot. That being said, that’s my entire background when it comes to books – if you have a great plot and great characters alike, I’ll love it. If you have a not-so-good plot and great characters… well, I won’t hate it…

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Hi, I’m Zachary Smith a 15 year old sophomore attending Delta High School in Richland. When I was a child somewhere in the first grade I would read anything and everything including any kind of science book a elementary school would have. I’m not exactly sure where the change occurred, but I eventually found my way to the fiction section of the library. Thus the seed of obsession was planted. Eventually I believe at the age of nine under the banner of an ingenious reason (it seems like fun) I decided to write. I spent the next three years writing two stories in my free time and whatever was assigned in my elementary classes. I didn’t finish one until i was twelve years old, at the age of thirteen I met Alma through a writing competition at my middle school in west Richland. After that I began to write much more frequently. At this point writing has consumed my life, at one point I wrote through the entire night, from 12am to 6am i did nothing but rewrite a short story. Sadly the improvement in my ability to write hasn’t increased much and so here we are today, me participating in this so as to gain experience in the rewriting process from a successful author. I have a taste for anything medieval involving fantasy, sometimes a little sci fi though I mostly read books like The Pellinor Quartet, nearly everything from Tamora Pierce, Dragon Keeper, the list continues. As far as movies I watch a lot of anime, stuff from Hayao Miyazaki, and one film in particular titled The Place Promised in Our Early Days.That’s pretty much my life, Science, reading, writing, endless hours in front of the computer, and anime. I hope to gain much from this experience, and can’t wait to get started. Any questions you have I’ll try to answer.

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My name is Courtney Walter, I’m a 19 year old English Major and an aspiring copy editor living in Stuart, Florida. I’ve been attempting to write stories since I first learned how to write, but I was never able to finish anything so I decided instead to turn to editing. It may sound clichéd but books are my life, it doesn’t matter what’s going on or where I am, if you give me a good book I can be happy for however many hours it takes me to devour it. My favorite book genre is fantasy and Alma’s books are right at the top of my list of favorites.  In fact, I reread the Changer of Days books every few months. A few of my other favorite authors include Sherrilyn Kenyon, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, L.J. Smith, and Rachel Caine. As you might be able to tell from that list of authors, I like vampires and other supernatural creatures. However, I’m not a big fan of the Twilight series, though I do appreciate the fact that Stephenie Meyer found a new approach to the vampire myth. When I’m not reading books, I like to practice my colorguard skills, ride my bike, and watch tv. My top series favorites are Firefly, Charmed, Glee and Gilmore Girls. As far as music goes, I’ll listen to anything once but my main favorites are Michael Buble, Bowling for Soup, and the music soundtracks from Glee. I have one pet, a beta fish named Jaques, and hope to someday have two dogs: a West Highland Terrier and a Samoyed. I’m looking forward to this project with Alma and the experience that it will give me.

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Hi, I’m Elyse Buchhorn and I’ve read everything I could get my hands on since I could read, including the phone book. In writing, I tend to only have time for homework between my HSC and home duties, but the creative writing assignments are a cinch. I want to do anything creative when it comes time to get a career, taking a right step with my artwork being chosen to appear in an anthology. My favourite authors include Alma, Jennifer Fallon, Trudi Canavan and Ann M. Martin. I’ll listen to just about anything that has meaning to me, and anything Amy Lee sings in.

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