Alma on Chapters 2 and 3

Clearly the word of the day here is “pacing”.


I get the feeling that I’ve stuffed in too much worldbuilding background in the early part of both chapters, and then rushed my fences towards the end of both trying to get somewhere specific within given constraints of space and time. The consensus seems to be that no, the chapters are not to be easily combined – so they will stay 2 AND 3, except that they will get a little reworking so that they function better in terms of what their role in the book is supposed to be. I’m still building relationships – at least one important character is actually introduced here – I can’t really lose a lot of that without the possibility of leaving a reader adrift further on without the background knowledge and build-up that’s starting to accumulate in these chapters – but they ARE clunky, and they will now proceed to get pruned and shaped so that they can better fulfill their, uh, destiny.


Watch this space – New And Improved Chapter 2 coming this week!


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