Elyse on Chapter 2

Umm, doing this in one of my breaks from study. All of my exams and my sister’s wedding will be through in less than a month, so I hope to have more time after that. J
-“They left Colgarma the very next day”, it might just be me, but I think of these words in a bossy little girl tone.
-Imril was only Rainald’s for a few weeks before his father died, but the description of their time sounds like he’s had the horse for a long time.
– I agree with Zach that Rainald and Alleth use an unnecessary amount of words.
– The memories show a right balance of tenderness and regal pride (for want of better word)
-Gilden provides Rainalds young male attitude, I like it. J
-Mirella’s lost love, is this why she is rather cold, or is it just the haughtiness? Unfortunately I don’t like her, so don’t feel too bad for what happened.
– Is precog common among the Clan? That might explain Rainald’s lack of surprise, but as not much is mentioned about it other than his direct family’s abilities which would make it much more of a shock.
That’s all from the Australian sector


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