Courtney on Chapter 2

– The brother-sister dynamic between Alleth and Rainald was shown off very well in this chapter. The two of them are witty and seem to be very close to each other. Alleth’s character provides a good foundation for Rainald to return to.

-The memory flash when Rainald is crossing the river Eman gives a very good glimpse into his childhood and his relationship to his father. Even with the edits to the first chapter I hope this part stays in and becomes even better because it showed me the depth of their love.

-Our brief introduction to Rainald’s mother gives us a good understanding of her relationship and loyalty to his father, which shows us more about what kind of man his father was, to inspire such love, it also shows us yet another strong female presence in Rainald’s life.

-The friendship between Gilden and Rainald is very nice, I enjoyed their banter and it will be good for Rainald to have a friend who is close to his age and is going through the same experiences.

-The precognition came on a little suddenly, I would like to see that part played out a little more because there was never any evidence of Rainald being a precog and then BAM, he suddenly is. I do like the idea of him becoming a precog but he recognizes it so fast and accepts it so fast that I have trouble believing it.

My main suggestion is just to break this chapter into two separate ones. I’d like to see a little more of what he did in those months at Macha with his family, get some more dynamic with his mother and his other sister. And then also get a little more detail into his encounter with Aleta and his sudden onset precognition.


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