Zach on Chapter 1 rewrite

The chapter improved nicely, it seems most if not all the holes noticed
before were filled. The manner in which the bar visit was introduced was
nice, also making the fact that he was visiting there to search for the wine
thieves more conspicuous was a nice change.  This time there was quite a bit
more focus on character rather than the surrounding which is a nice swap,
though I do enjoy the painting that was the writing before so I hope that
we’ll be seeing those indepth description of the environment down the road.


One Comment to “Zach on Chapter 1 rewrite”

  1. I like your comment regarding the focus on the characters instead of the setting. Definitely agreeing that that’s a good thing, as well as crucial and hard to notice in equal measures.
    I’m also sort of with you and sort of not on the descriptions thing. I mean, normally, I’m a character kind of reader, plain and simple, but the more I read over Chapter One, the more I kind of almost enjoy Rainald’s eye for detail.

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